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POTATO POINT is a village connected by road to the town of Bodalla, and surrounded by the Eurobodalla National Park. Why the name Potato Point? The Brice family grew vegetables and potatoes here, rowing them out to ships standing off the point for transport to Sydney market.


The Yuin are considered to be the traditional owners of the region. Potato Point has a rich aboriginal history


It is a very quiet little village with no local store. However it does have a local rural fire brigade depot which houses two appliances, a toilet and shower block, a boat ramp, two small parks and a telephone box.

Remains of an old  wharf jut into the sea over the rocks of the Point, which include wooden piers, thick iron staples and various carvings into the softer rock. Further around to the south are the rusting remains of an old boiler and other machinery.

The beaches on either side of the Point are Potato Beach (north) and Jemison's Beach (south). The latter is open to rough seas and wild winds, whereas the former is slightly more sheltered and known locally for good surfing breaks and fine beach fishing, especially of salmon and bream. The beaches in this area are exposed, rip-dominated beaches, bordered in places by jagged rock platforms. Use caution if swimming on any of the beach, and watch for strong rips against the rocks


Cod, eels and luderick are taken from the rocks of the Point. Notable diving locations are found offshore from the Point, which can be accessed from the local north-facing boat ramp.

To the north lies the Beachcomber Holiday Park and Lake Brunderee. This small tidal lake is connected intermittently to the ocean by Potato Creek, and is a major habitat for swans and chestnut teal, as well as an important drought refuge.


In 1999 the lake was declared a habitat protection zone due to its importance as a fish spawning ground. To the south lies a small shallow, and often dry unnamed coastal lake which abounds in bird-life at various times of the year.

Six of the fourteen Aboriginal Reservations declared across the Eurobodalla Shire were located in the Tuross area. In 1850 the Eurobodalla Reserve was established at Eurobodalla, west of Bodalla. In 1877 the government declared a further three; one at Blackfellows Point for Yarraro, one at Terouga Lake for Merriman and one at Tuross Lake for Bolloway. You can read more of the rich Aboriginal history of the South Coast HERE

While Blackfellows Point and Blackfellows Beach and Piccaninny Beach are considered politically incorrect they are still referred to by koories and locals alike as place names.


To the north of Potato Point is the Beachcomber Holiday Park which is located within the Eurobodalla National Park.


It offers  three types of solar powered  eco-cabins; all are with gas hotwater, heating and cooking facilities along with caravan and camping sites that are absolute beachfront or in more shaded areas backing onto the Eurobodalla National Park.


Most of their sites are unpowered as they are not connected to the electricity grid. They do have a limited number of solar powered sites that can be used to run your lights, TV, radio, battery charger & fridge. Due to their dependence on solar power, you won't be able to run high power appliances like an air-conditioner, heater, microwave or electric hot water.

The video below takes you on the beachside road from Potato Point through the Eurobodalla National Park to Beachcomber Holiday Park. On this 2km journey the first beach you'll see is Potato Point Beach, followed by Piccaninny, finishing at Blackfellows Point Beach & Beachcomber. Enjoy!

Vide Police Gazette 1874.

Under Missing Persons.

"Information is requested regarding Jamison, a Chinaman - about 52 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, little hair around chin. Dressed in a dark tweed coat, light striped trousers and light felt hat. Rode a brown mare, which was subsequently found with the saddle kicked to pieces.

Jamison was last seen around Potato Point, on the afternoon of the 20th September last, by a girl named Merreweather.

In the event of the missing friend having lost his life, his cousin, Ah Sam, offers ten pounds as reward for the recovery of his body.

Information to the Inspector of Police".

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