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Eurobodalla has so much to offer kayakers, canoeists and standup paddleboarders.

With three major rivers being the Clyde, Moruya and Tuross and the added bonus of twenty stunning lakes and a 110 kilometre coast line it is a must to bring your kayak with you. If you can't add the kayak to the holiday packing then quality kayak hire is available for all members of the family.

Not overly confident of kayaking - then you can book a lesson or take a guided tour with experts.

There are three Kayak tour companies that offer a wide choice or kayak tours in the Eurobodalla

Suggested kayaking locations from North to South

Around Batemans Bay:


Cullendulla Creek

Snapper Island


Clyde River from Batemans Bay to Nelligen

Upper Clyde River around Nelligen and Shallow Crossing


Around Moruya:

Tomago River from Mossy Point boatramp

Moruya River from Moruya town towards the east
You can launch at North Head adjacent to the airport or upstream at either Preddys Wharf or the Moruya town boat ramp in Riverside Park.
Turn south two kilometres east of Moruya Bridge for a trip, at high tide, up Ryan's Creek to see the mangroves and unique granite boulders. 

Moruya River west of Moruya town up the Deua River
The western leg of the journey the river winds through farming land and forest. Starting at the Moruya Bridge this leg is tidal and approx. 12 kilometres in length as far as the bridge that crosses Araluen Road. From there the river continues through the Deua River Valley. The bushland on this stretch abundant with birdlife, creating a magical atmosphere. 


Coila Lake at Tuross Head

Tuross Lake at Tuross Head - Click HERE for the Tuross Head Kayaking Guide and Map

Lavender Bay and the Tuross Boat Ramp (Nelson Parade, Tuross Head) are both PERFECT launch spots for paddleboarders and kayaks


Lower Tuross River and Borang Lake

Upper Tuross River and Bumbo Lake

Around Narooma:


Wagonga Inlet at Narooma

Lake Mummaga - Dalmeny


Corunna Lake

Wallaga Lake, south of the Tilba

Eurobodalla Kayakers is an informal group that have set up a wonderful website devoted to kayaking in the Eurobodalla

Their website is a definitive resource and a committed and passionate facility for sharing information about some kayaking activities in the district, for kayakers who want to know when and where other paddlers might be found on the water. They have assembled a collection of detailed route maps that might help advise a new comer to the area interested in exploring our waterways.

Eurobodalla District Kayaking Maps:


The following links will display maps of some of the Kayaking routes in and around the Eurobodalla Shire.

Eurobodalla Kayaking - Tuross entrance/ Potato Point 11.3km
Eurobo­dalla Kayaking (Bega) - Tathra / Bega River 22.7km
Eurobo­dalla Kayaking - Long / Maloneys Beach 9.8km
Eurobo­dalla Kayaking - Candlagan Creek 5.3km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Tuross Lake 10.8km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Borang Lake 17.7km
Eurobodalla Kayaking (Bega) - Brogo Dam 12.9km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Mummaga Lake 8.5km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Upper Tuross River 11.4km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Brou Lake 7.3km
Eurobodalla Kayaking- Coruna Lake 11.6km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Coila Lake 18.5km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Bumbo Lake 15.6km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Tuross to Snake Flat 19.9km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Wagonga Inlet 12.2km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Moruya River Airport 14km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Moruya River Yarragee 15.3km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Tomaga River 15.5km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Batemans Bay/Nelligen 27.9km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Durras Lake 14.7km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Bermagui River 18.5km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Cullendulla Creek 10.8km

Eurobodalla Kayaking - Buckenbowra River 19.2km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Wallaga Lake / Black Lagoon 11.4km
Eurobodalla Kayaking - Yarragee/ Wamban Ck 15.8km


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