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Welcome to the Eurobodalla Treasure Hunt - part 1.


Answers to the clues can be found on the relevant pages throughout the South Coast Travel Guide website (HINT - use the search):

Once you have the answers you should also have the a list of the Key Numbers that appear in BOLD RED on those pages - just assemble these numbers in a set order to use as your password to the
next stage 

Here is a Hint for the KEY number above that will unlock more clues: 

No shoes, no tie, but ever noble
this beast lives to track a scent.
and he's the one
to whom you might write
to blow your whistle ... or just vent?

He might hear your tremor
and he might defend your cause
that underdog of publishing
with his ink stained newsprint paws

How would you contact him? If you know the answer key it HERE

(you might have to rearrange your numbers before they work)

If jigsaws are more your style then here is one that will also give you the answer 

Click on the jigsaw to begin.

When you see the answer 
key it HERE

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