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TUROSS HEAD is a quiet seaside community located on a headland that juts out into the Tasman Sea with Coila Lake to the north and Tuross Lake and Tuross River to the south making the headland virtually surrounded by water.

The two lakes provide a safe environment for water-based activities with the opportunity for sailing on Coila Lake and for restricted water skiing in the Tuross Lake broadwater. Both have easily accessible waterways to explore by kayak or run-about with boat ramp facilities.

Tuross Lake is a dedicated fishing haven and a must visit location for recreational fishers. There are coastal walks and a cycleway that provides a family safe link from one end of the village to the other.

Tuross Lake oysters are world renowned for their quality. The large number of middens on the Tuross peninsular proves the original Aboriginal settlers were just as passionate about them as we are. 

Tuross Head has cycling, kayaking, surfing, sailing, swimming, fishing, golf, bowls and so much more.

The village offers a range of accommodation including bed and breakfasts, camping sites, a motel and a wide selection of holiday houses to suit most budgets. There is a local shopping centre, a golf and bowling club and a choice of cafes and restaurants.

Make Tuross Head your Holiday Central

From Tuross Head you can set off on day trips north or south or just relax and enjoy the majestic Tuross Head coastline, pristine lakes, and our stunning beaches.

To the north is:

To the south is:

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Walking around Tuross

The family friendly 5.5km path cycleway hugs the Coila Lake shore and the Tuross coastline to finish at Tuross Lake 

Cycling around Tuross

A treasure of Tuross is its family friendly 2.5 m wide shared concrete pathway that links the whole town. Go for an explore.

Scenic Drive around Tuross

Tuross offers a stunning drive around the village calling in to the main points of interest. Just follow the blue and white SCENIC ROUTE fingerboard signs

Fishing in Tuross

Tuross Lake is one of the top 3 fishing havens in NSW. Locals practice catch and release to preserve breeding stock but don't hesitate to take home a good feed if fish is on your menu.

Kayaking in Tuross

Tuross Lake is a family safe waterway with days of paddling to be enjoyed. Be sure to also explore the upper areas of the Tuross River as well

18 hole golf course

Monash Avenue, Tuross Head

Tuross boasts a magnificent 9 hole course with double tees that provide for an exciting 18 holes of golf. Enjoy the stunning views. Hire also available

Whale Watching

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Whale watching season runs from September to November annually. During their southern migration whales are moving slowly, are often with calves & travel closer to the coastline. 

Discover our History

Tuross has a rich and interesting history. Have a read and then watch the town come alive as you walk it with fresh eyes.



The Brinja Yuin people occupied land from south of the Moruya River to the Wagonga Inlet. Their population was estimated to be about 1000-1500 prior to first European settlement in this area.


The first of the pioneer European settlers, John Hawdon, arrived to Tuross Head in1832. The next round of pioneer settler was in 1860 when Patrick Mylott bought the Tuross Head holdings from the “Narrows” eastward. They built “Tuross House” overlooking the lakes and sea. The land was farmed until his wife Mary sold the property to Hector McWilliam in 1925 who then developed the village it is today.

Take time out and enjoy some of the rich history of Tuross Head history below:


An overall history : 20,000 years in 19 glossy pages of quick, light reading.

Early Tuross Pioneers: The story of John Hawdon and Patrick Mylott

Eva Mylott : International Contralto and Mel Gibson's grandmother

Wolfe Point : Tragedy on the river bar

Hector McWilliam: The Father of modern day Tuross Head

The story of the Tuross Norfolk Pines: Over 400 Norfolk Island pines still stand

Tuross Head, The Early years: Tuross Head from the 1920s onwards

The Boatshed histories : Learn of the rich history of maritime life on the Tuross River

The full history of the Tuross Boatsheds is HERE

As you walk around town you might like to follow the Tuross Head Walking Guide.

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